Branford Family Gallery

Victor Branford was the son of William Catton Branford and had one sister (Mary) and three brothers (Ben, Jack, and Lionel). Ben kept a diary for many years (now deposited in the ‘Foundations of Sociology’ archive at Keele University, and this contains many family photographs of the brothers, Ben’s wife and daughter (Edith and Violet), Mary’s son the poet Frederick Victor Branford, and William Branford’s sisters. All of these are included below.



Wives of Victor Branford: Elizabeth and Sybella


The Four Branford Brothers


Benchara Branford and family


Jack Branford



Other Branford family members



Joynson Powell 

Joynson Powell in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Murder' (1930)


High quality copies of most of the above photographs can be supplied for all legitimate publishing and academic purposes.