Sources and Postings

This page provides some links to additional sources of information on sociology and methodology, together with some major library and archival sources that I find useful.


The major organisations concerned with the promotion of sociology and the social sciences:

The British Sociological Association

The British Academy

The Academy of Social Sciences


Most journals require payment for access but two important Open Access journals are:

Sociological Research Online

Methodological Innovations


Some sources for material and advice on Methodological issues, especially social network analysis:

The National Centre for Research Methods

The Centre for Critical Realism

The International Network for Social Network Analysis

Netlab The social network analysis website set up by Barry Wellman

The social network analysis website of Lothar Krempel, concerned especially with network visualisation.


Major archive and library sources:

The British Library catalogue

The National Archives search facility

The Foundations of British Sociology archive at Keele University

The Ancestry biographical and genealogical website

Scottish Register Office biographical and genealogical sources


And finally, the website of Susie Scott, my daughter, who researches into areas of symbolic interactionism and everyday life.