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The Emerald Guide to Max Weber

Bingley, Emerald Publishing, 2019

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This primer is the first introductory guide to the work of Max Weber designed specifically for students and those new to his work, providing a readable, clear, comprehensive and authoritative overview. The book discusses Weber’s personal biography, placing him in the context of the development of the social sciences, covering his methodology as well as his work on religion, politics, economic history, music, and the development of capitalism.

All that the reader needs to gain a good grasp of Weber’s importance is contained in this book, which provides a firm foundation for the independent reading of Weber himself and for  pursuing the many discussions and interpretations of his ideas. The book will appeal to readers in sociology, politics, history, law, religion, and other areas of the social sciences to which Weber made a contribution.

The book includes a complete list of the best translations of Weber’s works into English, an extensive guide to further reading highlighting uses and applications of Weber’s ideas, and a brief overview of the German editions of his collected works.

British Social Theory: Recovering Lost Traditions before 1950

London, Sage, 2018

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A unique contribution to discussions of social theory, this book counters the argument that no social theory was ever produced in Britain before the late twentieth century. Reviewing a period of 300 years from the seventeenth century to the mid-twentieth century, it sets out a number of innovative strands in theory that culminated in powerful contributions in the classical period of sociology. The book discusses how these traditions of theory were lost and forgotten and sets out why they are important today.

The Palgrave Handbook of Sociology in Britain

Editor and contributor, with John Holmwood, Houndmills, Palgrave, 2014

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Leading sociologists outline the historical development of the discipline in Britain and document its continuing influence in this essential and comprehensive reference work. Spanning the Scottish enlightenment of the 18th century to the present day this Handbook maps the discipline and  the British contribution.

"This landmark collection takes stock of more than two centuries of intellectual work with importance for all of the social sciences, for sociology around the world, and for the self-understanding of British society. It is important as history, and important as a resource and orientation for the future." - Craig Calhoun, Director, London School of Economics, UK

"This is a book of extraordinary depth and scholarship. It sets a new standard for thinking historically about sociology in Britain, and is destined to become a classic in its field"- Nicholas Gane, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK

"Reflecting trends in its subject-matter the development of Sociology in the UK this multi-authored collection brings to bear the range and power of a team approach to provide both a wide range of attention and depth of treatment of manifold aspects of UK Sociology as a knowledge production system. Not only the academic work that has been produced across a range of crucial specialties in UK sociology is considered, but also how this has been affected changing crucial aspects of the UK cultural and societal context and disciplinary scholarly infrastructure. This adds up to a definitive & mature treatment." Charles Crothers, AUT University, New Zealand

"The history of sociology is an increasingly important branch of the field, presenting analyses in terms of long-running intellectual debates. This book, focusing on Britain but with broader relevance, makes a wonderful contribution. It deserves to be part of sociology teaching around the world."- Gary Wickham, Professor of Sociology, Murdoch University, Australia

"This interesting and very useful book investigates the empirical and theoretical origins of British sociology and explores the development of several popular subject areas over time. I highly recommended it for teachers and students alike." - Cherry Schrecker, Nancy Université, France

Envisioning Sociology. Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the Quest for Social Reconstruction

With Ray Bromley, Albany NY: SUNY Press, 2013

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Examines the continuing relevance of early British sociologists Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and their associates.

Envisioning Sociology is a landmark work, the first major study of the founding of sociology in Britain and the enormous contributions made by the intellectual circle led by Victor Branford and Patrick Geddes. Authors John Scott and Ray Bromley chronicle the biographical connections and personal partnerships of the circle’s key participants, their international connections, their organization-building work, and the business activities that underpinned their efforts. Branford and Geddes fashioned an ambitious and wide-ranging interdisciplinary vision, drawing on geography, anthropology, economics, and urban planning, in addition to sociology. This vision was an integral part of a project of social reconstruction, a “third way” eschewing both liberalism and communism in favor of cooperation, redistribution, and federalism. Envisioning Sociology uncovers a previously hidden history of the social sciences, giving readers a fascinating glimpse into early twentieth-century social science and political economy, while demonstrating the contemporary relevance of the ideas of these underrated figures. Although Branford and Geddes failed to establish the grand sociology they envisioned, their ideas helped develop the theory and practice of community development, participatory democracy, bioregionalism, historic preservation, and neighborhood upgrading.

“Scott and Bromley are illuminating and sure-footed about the intellectual field that spawned the [sociological] Society. Theirs is surely an exhaustive account of the group’s contribution to social reconstruction, politics, planning, civics, culture and education and, above all, sociology.” — Sociological Review

“…a significant contribution … the most substantial effort to date to recover the life and work of a circle of early twentieth-century thinkers … punchy and highly readable.” — Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences

“…a valuable book which will be of interest to a wide variety of scholars of the intellectual history of the later Victorian period.” — Journal of Victorian Culture

John Scott is Professor of Sociology at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom. His many books include Sociological Theory: Contemporary Debates, Second EditionConceptualising the Social World: Principles of Sociological Analysis; and Sociology, Fourth Edition (coauthored with James Fulcher).

Ray Bromley is Professor of Geography and Planning at the University at Albany, State University of New York. His books include Planning for Small Enterprises in Third World Cities.

C. Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination. Contemporary Perspectives

Editor and contributor, with Ann Nilsen, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2013

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C. Wright Mills is one of the towering figures in contemporary sociology and his writings continue to be of great relevance to the social science community. Generations of sociology students have enjoyed learning about the discipline from reading his best known book The Sociological Imagination. Over the years the title has become a term in itself with a variety of interpretations, many far removed from the original. The chapters in Part One of this book begins with general issues around the nature and significance of the sociological imagination, continue through discussions of modes of theorising and historical explanation, the relationship between history and biography, and the intellectual and political relationship of Mills to Marxism. They conclude with considerations on issues of class, power, and warfare. Part Two of the book includes a series of reflections from scholars who were invited to give personal thoughts on the impact of Mills's writings in their sociological work, with particular attention to their own 'biography and history'. With renowned international contributors and expert contributions from a range of specialisms, this book will appeal to academics, students and researchers of sociology.

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Latest publications

  • Constructing Social Structure, in Peter Sohlberg and Håkon Leiulfsrud, eds, Constructing the Sociological Object, Leiden, Brill, 2020

  • Contemporary Capitalism and the Distribution of Power in Society, in Edith Hanke, Lawrence Scaff, and Sam Whimster, Eds, The Oxford Handbook of Max Weber, Oxford University Press, 2020,

  • Sociologie en Grande-Bretagne, Sociologies pratiques, 39, 2019

  • Patrick Geddes, in SAGE Research Methods Foundations, 2019, 

  • Philosophical Basis of Objectivity and Relativism, in SAGE Research Methods Foundations, 2019,

  • Social Structure, in Peter Sohlberg and Håkon Leiulfsrud, eds, Concepts in Action: Conceptual Constructionism, Leiden, Brill, 2018 ISBN 978-9004314191

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