The Palgrave Handbook of Sociology in Britain

Edited by John Holmwood and John Scott


The Palgrave Handbook of Sociology in Britain

At the 2014 BSA conference, when I received my Distinguished Service to British Sociology award and we held a session to present the book, I was interviewed to give my thoughts about the past, present, and future of sociology.

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  1. Introduction; John Holmwood and John Scott
  2. The Scottish Enlightenment and Scottish Social Thought c.1725- 1915; John Brewer
  3. Poverty Studies and Social Research; Lucinda Platt
  4. Absent or Forgotten? Recovering British Social Theory; John Scott
  5. Evolutionism and British Sociology; Chris Renwick
  6. Religion and British Sociology: the Power and Necessity of the Spiritual; Stephen Turner
  7. Sociology and Social Work. In Praise of Limestone and Social Settlements; Ian Shaw
  8. The First Sociology 'Departments'; Chris Husbands
  9. British Sociology in the Inter- War Years; Baudry Rocquin
  10. Building a Textbook Tradition: Sociology in Britain, 1900- 1968; John Scott
  11. The International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction and British Sociology; Jennifer Platt
  12. Feminism in Sociology, Feminism as Sociology; Mary Evans
  13. Exiles in British Sociology; Charles Turner
  14. British Sociology in the Metropole and the Colonies, 1940s- 1960s; George Steinmetz
  15. Between Humanities and Science: Sociology as a Third Culture; John Eldridge
  16. The History of British Sociology from the Perspective of its Archived Qualitative Sources: Ruminations and Reflections; Mike Savage
  17. The Sociology of Community; Graham Crow
  18. Sociology of Race, Racism, and Ethnicity: Trends, Debates, and Research Agendas; John Solomos
  19. Research Methodology in Sociology; Geoff Payne
  20. The Sociological Study of Religion: Arrival, Survival, Revival; Grace Davie
  21. Criminology, Deviance and Sociology; Eamonn Carrabine
  22. The Sociology of Work: From Industrial Sociology to Work, Employment, and the Economy; Paul Edwards
  23. Sociology, Cultural Studies, and the Cultural Turn; Gregor McLennan
  24. 'Class' in Britain; Wendy Bottero
  25. Sociology of the Body and the Relation between Sociology and Biology; Stevi Jackson and Sue Scott
  26. Sociology's Past and Futures: The Impact of External Structure, Policy and Financing; John Holmwood