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A Sociology Source

John Scott

I have very broad interests in the subject, but the core areas in which I have undertaken research can be broadly grouped into the four divisions. There are other important areas of the subject, but I have written far less on them. The four divisions are:

History of Sociology: The varied national histories of sociology, but especially the history of British sociology.

Social Theory: Understanding the many theoretical approaches to studying social phenomena, especially those developed within sociology.

Social Structure: Substantive issues concerning the constraining structures that influence human activity, especially those relating to economic organisation, social stratification, and power.

Research Methods: Methodology, philosophy of science, and the specific research methods that I have used and worked on in my work.

Discussions and sources on these subjects can be accessed from the menu at the left of each page. You will also find a page that provides sources of information and a link to my blog ‘The Sociology Post’. Follow the link to the ‘About’ page and you will find biographical information, a full publications list, and ways to contact me.

The site is still under construction and will be continually developed, so please do keep returning. I will be adding extracts and discussions from my work and working papers of new developments.

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This is the website of John Scott, a sociologist in the UK. The site presents some of the aspects of my ongoing work in sociology that I hope might be a source for others interested in the same issues as me.

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